About me

For some time I have been a chronic illness advocate all over social media and have even won awards for my work! I have Neuromyelitis Optica, Adrenal Insufficencg, Depression & Anxiety. I’m basically a professional spoonie! I want to further raise awareness and help others. My blog contains my longer/more sentimental posts. More than being … Continue reading About me



  One of the biggest hurdles I've had to overcome was a horrendous pain flare in spring. It left me bed bound. I was no longer able to attend school, go out or even be awake because it all hurt too much. I was drugged up on morphine so sleeping 20 hours a day too. … Continue reading #OvercomingMH

Education and chronic illness

As school starts back for many of us, anxiety rises. For the chronically ill education can is always hard. Even with helpful changes and supportive friends it's so hard to manage your health and successfully continue education. One of the biggest things I have learnt on my journey with chronic illness is that education will … Continue reading Education and chronic illness

Pacifica review: easy self care

For the last year or so I've consistently used the wellbeing app Pacifica to manage my Depression and Anxiety. It includes daily tools for stress reduction and to improve your wellbeing, alongside a community. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Meditation it is the perfect place to begin building a happier and reduced stress life.  … Continue reading Pacifica review: easy self care